BEAST //「君が思う以上に」

Yoseob singing 君が思う以上に (while sick so Junhyung encourages him)

Happy birthday Jang Hyunseung ( 03/09/1989 - 03/09/2014 )


happy birthday, jang hyunseung [insp.]

"It’s a great honor to have gotten there in such time, but I had been dreaming about it for the five to six years that I had been a trainee. So the moment it actually happened, I thought this is what I wanted… and then went blank."


[PLAYB2ST] 14/09/02 Main photo and header changed for Hyunseung’s birthday

Happy Birthday Jang Hyunseung

890903 happy birthday to our 뷰티바보 thank you for opening up more to us this year and thank you for showing us more love~ you will always be our precious rancho~! “You give us four stars We give you our love” #HappyJSDay

Happy Birthday Jang Hyunseung